Dear friends, thank you to everyone who was live with us today!

Dear friends, thank you to everyone who was live with us today!

The cross-border cooperation project for the development of sports tourism between Russia and South-East Finland “Vector-Sport” held a seminar on the creation of a cross-border ski cluster.

On October 23, 2020 within the framework of the project for the development of cross-border sports tourism “Vector -Sport”, the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of St. Petersburg in cooperation with the Sports Federation of South Savo, Sports Federation of South Karelia, Sports Federation of Kymenlaakso (Republic of Finland) and the Finnish regional organization Imatra Basecamp held the first international seminar on the creation of a cross-border ski cluster and the development of sports tourism between St. Petersburg and South-East Finland.

Taipalsaari triathlon

“Vector Sport” cross-border cooperation project held the first international sport event in the framework of its project plan! This event was Taipalsaari triathlon organized in Saimaa region by local sport organizations and public authorities. 

Cross- border international sports tourism conference

“Vector-Sport” together with its partners from Russia and Finland organized first International sports tourism conference on December 11, 2020. The event was held in online format with the participation of Russian and Finnish sports organizations, governmental organizations, sport clubs, sport scientists, students, and business community.

Sport tourism in South -East Finland: developing cross- border cooperation and boosting the potential.

Vector-Sport project together with all the partners from Russia and Finland organized the thematic seminar on sport tourism development in South-East Finland.

Saimaan Veterans’ Hockey Tournament and its potential for cross-border cooperation in sport tourism

VectorSport project delegation together with Russian and Finnish partners organized a series of business events in the framework of Saimaan veterans’ hockey tournament!


South Savo is the southernmost region of Eastern Finland and part of Southeast Finland. The region is just a couple of hours drive from the Finnish capital Helsinki and about four hours by train from St. Petersburg. The total area of ​​the region is about 19,000 km²; it is the eighth largest region in Finland with a population of about 146,000. The region consists of fourteen municipalities, three of which are Mikkeli, Pieksämäki and Savonlinna.

Sport tourism in South Karelia: presentation of the region and its possibilities

Vector- Sport CBC 2014-2020 project launched the series of the sport tourism in South -East Finland presentation webinars.   The purpose of these online events was to initiate the cross- border sport tourism cluster creation between South -East Finland and St. Petersburg Russia, present the existing sport tourism products of South -East Finland to Russian professional tourism business society, provide new opportunities for local Finnish entrepreneurs to access new market, promote their work and develop new cooperation networks.

International football tournament in Imatra

Vector Sport project management team visited the international football tournament in Imatra that happened on June 28-30.06.2019!

The presentation of sports tourism potential of Kymenlaakso region

Vector- Sport project together with its partners from Kymenlaakso region held the sports tourism webinar on presenting the potential of the region for tourists from Russia. This was the second online event in the project program aimed at the creation of cross- border sports tourism cluster between South – East Finland and St. Petersburg, Russia.

I choose sport

The cross-border project on “The development of cross-border sport tourism in cooperation with regional sport federations, sport clubs, public authorities and business society (“Vector -Sport “) was officially presented to Saint-Petersburg sport community within the public campaign “ I choose sport”!

The presentation was attended by First Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of St. Petersburg Nikolai Rastvortsev, Chairman of the Olympic Council of St. Petersburg Yuri Avdeev, heads of regional sport federations of Southeast Finland.

During the presentation, the partners of the cross-border project reveled the key directions for its implementation, described a set of planned activities, expected results, ways of partnership cooperation, together with the communication and visibility actions.

The “Vector-Sport” cross-border cooperation project is being implemented as part of the South-East Finland-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Program for 2014-2020. The goal of the project is to develop the regional potential for sport tourism, increase the level of cross-border cooperation in the field of sport and tourism, develop mechanisms for regional support of small and medium enterprises in the field of sport tourism.

The project partners are Southern Savo Sport Federation (Finland), the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of St. Petersburg, the St. Petersburg State Autonomous Institution “Training Centre for national sport teams of Saint-Petersburg, Southern Karelia Sports Federation (Finland) and Kymenlaakso Sports Federation (Finland).

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