South Savo is the southernmost region of Eastern Finland and part of Southeast Finland. The region is just a couple of hours drive from the Finnish capital Helsinki and about four hours by train from St. Petersburg. The total area of ​​the region is about 19,000 km²; it is the eighth largest region in Finland with a population of about 146,000. The region consists of fourteen municipalities, three of which are Mikkeli, Pieksämäki and Savonlinna.

The tourism community of the region offeres the various opportunities for active sports tourism, nature tourism and wellness activities. At that webinar, Russian travel experts could learn about the various possibilities for organizing active leisure time throughout the year.

The opening presentation was made by Marko Riabkov, the marketing manager of Mikkeli Development office Miksei Ltd, who spoke about region possibilities for active leisure, sports and well- being. South Savo is also a very sporty and green region, where nature forms a unique infrastructure for outdoor activities and sports. The South Savo region is well known for Lake Saimaa, which is the fourth largest lake in Europe, with its countless islands and the rare Saimaa ringed seal. The coastline of the region is over 30,000 kilometers and Lake Saimaa is also connected to the Baltic Sea by the Saimaa Canal.

Different seasons give different reasons to come to South Savo region for sports and tourism. Winter season is good for skiing, skating, snow walking, winter swimming, hot sauna experiences.  Summer and autumn are perfect for active outdoors. The local companies can offer ready-made tours and packages that will suit the needs of different client groups.

Järvisydan is the recreation center, whose name translates as “Heart of the Lake”, is in the very heart of Saimaa, in Rantasalmi. This place was first mentioned in 1658 and for 11 generations it has been owned by one family, the Heiskanen family. Järvisydan has received numerous awards both in Finland and internationally. The last of the awards was received as the best destination for domestic tourism in 2020.

Main services include: accommodation (hotel, “Landscape suite”, house on the water “House Boat”, Villas, Hotel “Kota Hotel”), SPA-center (5 Saunas, swimming pools, children’s pool, salt room, bar, spa treatments), separate complex of saunas “World of Saunas Savo”, a restaurant (breakfast (buffet; incl. in the price of accommodation), Lunch (buffet), dinner (3-course menu), corporate events (conference rooms, total capacity up to 120 people), outdoor sports, wellness (organized eco-tours depending on the season and weather conditions, kayaks and canoes, paddle boarding, fishing, electric fat bikes; ice skating, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice fishing, yoga).

In addition to this, there are routes for hiking, fat biking, skiing, snowmobiling, skating. Järvisydan has the longest ice track (16 km) laid along Lake Saimaa and the  ice arena (Finnish NHL player, Jarkko Immonen – originally from Rantasalmi).

Tanhuvaara ( is an attractive service center for sports, recreation, and physical training. Vocational physical-training education in Tanhuvaara is part of the Finnish education system, which values well-trained teachers and quality teaching equipment. In terms of competitive sports, Tanhuvaara’s focus lies on track-and-field events, ice sports, indoor ball games, and shooting. Tanhuvaara is one of the region’s renowned track-and-field training centers and offers top coaching, especially for throwing sports.

Among the key services of the center are accommodation for athletes, professional training facilities, organization of sports events, spa center. It is easy to slow down and gain focus but also to make the most of the training. The modern facilities here provide a versatile and dynamic setting for amateurs and professionals alike.

The track-and-field facilities include a full-size field with a top-quality surface and an indoor training hall. Ball-game enthusiasts will find excellent turf at Tanhuvaara, and the smooth ice propels all kinds of ice sports. Tanhuvaara also boasts Finland’s most up-to-date indoor shooting range. Numerous hiking trails will guide you through magnificent scenery. A lakeshore and woods environment provides unique attractive recreational settings.

Finally, Anttolanhovi hotel has enhanced the overall strong and positive impression about the South Savo region. Anttolanhovi is a wellness travel destination, located in the incomparable natural landscape of Lake Saimaa in Southern Savonia, Finland.  It is only three-hour car ride from Helsinki, has excellent train and bus connections. It provides accommodation, flavours, nature and activities available for groups and individual passengers. Nature around us is a treasure.

It invites to breathe balance and harmony.The diverse nature of Lake Saimaa provides a reviving environment for you, your family and work community.  It is a haven of peace, enjoyment, well-being and connection.

During the winter, the following activities are available: snowshoeing, ice fishing, ice swimming, dry suit floating, skating, skiing, horse sled riding, snow games, snow safaris with snowmobiles

Summer is good for berry/mushroom hike in the forest , baking pie of the found berries or mushrooms , fishing or hiking, forest or nordic walking ,hike to Neitvuori , forest hike at Leinu farm, explore finnish forest and wild food tours , canoeing or rowing at lake saimaa , fishing in rowing boat , cruises.

We welcome all in South Savo for active sports tourism and well – being activities!