Dear friends, thank you to everyone who was live with us today!

Dear friends, thank you to everyone who was live with us today!

On October 21, within the framework of the Vector-Sport project, an international basketball webinar was held, in the ZOOM format meetings of outstanding athletes, coaches and members of the Sports Federation of Finland and Russia.

The event kicked off with an opening speech by Marie Makkonen, Regional Director of the South Savo Sports Federation. Marie encourages the activities of the Vector-Sport project in South Savo, and is pleased with the interaction of regional sports facilities with organizations in St. Petersburg, welcomes the popularization of basketball and hopes that soon we will have the opportunity to meet live.

The meeting was moderated by Andrey Fetisov, a basketball player, coach and current president of BC Spartak.

The invited speakers from Finland were Suzanne Stremberg, director of relations with basketball clubs in Finland, and Reetaa Piippari, a representative of the basketball club "Cowut".

The conference, from St. Petersburg, was attended by Valery Diev, President of the Basketball Federation of St. Petersburg, and Roman Knyazev, assistant coach at the Zenit basketball academy.

Valery Diev briefly described the situation with basketball in Russia by the fact that the sports hall in St. Petersburg, in which 5 Olympic basketball champions trained, was demolished and a residential complex was built, due to the lack of a proper number of premises for training young basketball players.

This approach hinders the development of sports in St. Petersburg and hinders the high-quality training of our athletes, which undoubtedly affects the results at international competitions.

Nevertheless, Valery Diev emphasized that despite this, the basketball team in Tokyo won two silver medals this year, and the representatives of women's basketball from St. Petersburg show decent results at all significant international competitions.

Valery shared a wonderful story about our athlete, Stanislav Misharin, who is known as Tom Meschere.
He was number 7, participated in the All-Star Game. A basketball tournament is named after this basketball player. Tom lives in America, writes books and trains young basketball players.
At one time, he was a discovery, a jersey with his number was taken out of circulation, which is a special honor for a basketball player.

What can I say, in the absence of proper conditions for training, our athletes still perform well at world championships.

With proper funding, there would be much more strong and well-trained basketball players in Russia.

The President of the Basketball Federation Suzanne Strömberg, in turn, shared her professional experience as an athlete and coach. Finland has all the conditions for basketball training, unlike Russia. Suzanne spoke about the three-level system in the training of trainers, and that the qualifications of the level obtained must be confirmed every three years. To obtain a coaching license, it is imperative that you qualify for this system.

And also, at the webinar, special attention was paid to the discussion of the preparation of a couple of athletes and the basketball game in wheelchairs. The Russian national team of a pair of basketball players is ten-time world champions, and in Finland, a couple of athletes are trained at each basketball club.

The guest of the webinar, Roman Knyazev, shared the successes of the young basketball players of the Zenit club in St. Petersburg, and noted that during online training, young men, although they show high results in competitions, but in the absence of group training for a long time, there is a risk of injury during tournaments.

Marie Makkonen guaranteed the Russian couple of athletes an invitation to compete in Finland and offered to continue further communication in the group to exchange suggestions and ideas.

More than 50 people took part in the webinar. Each viewer had the opportunity to ask the speaker a question in the chat, and registered participants could voice them themselves by connecting to the ZOOM conference.

The webinar recording can be viewed at the link:
Thanks to everyone who took part in this webinar!


02 December 2021